Premium hospitality lightingCloud-based and budget friendly.

Now a simple, property-wide software application centrally schedules, manages and controls all of your Lutron lighting, shading, and climate control systems with a single interface. It even works with basic standalone platforms including Caséta and HomeWorks.

Bodhi constantly monitors every Lutron component and sends alerts if something goes wrong.
If you use different Lutron systems in different areas of your property, Bodhi brings them together under a single, simplified interface. You can tie in third-party components as well.
Bodhi’s built-in analytics and reporting helps you set up and track trouble tickets, track the life of system components, schedule preventative maintenance, track energy costs and savings, and review the use and value of specific systems.
You and your staff will access Bodhi from computers, smart phones, tablets and even your AV system’s touch screens, so you can have access from anywhere on the property, or away.
Bodhi and Caséta
Cost-effective guestroom automationBodhi and the Bodhi Bridge bring centralized control and management to Lutron’s most cost-effective smart lighting platform, adding floorplan-based navigation, dashboards for each room, automated ‘welcome’ and ‘away’ settings, and real-time alerts.
Bodhi and Alexa
Your guests will love voice controlWith Bodhi, you can add Alexa-based voice control to any Lutron system. Guests will set lighting and temperature levels, operate shades and drapes with simple verbal commands.
Bodhi and myRoom
Cloud-based sophisticationUse Bodhi with any version of myRoom to add cloud-based management, a consistent interface with other Lutron systems, and the ability to tie in third-party devices.
Bodhi and HomeWorks
Refined lighting, daylight and temperature controlUse HomeWorks for a more elegant interface in residential units and luxury suites; add Bodhi for centralized management, automated ‘welcome’ and ‘away’ settings, and real-time alerts.
Bodhi and RadioRA 2
Flexible and scalableBodhi adds centralized management and troubleshooting to Lutron’s whole-home solution, making the combination a great choice for residential developments and resorts.
Bodhi and Athena/Quantum
An anyone-can-do-it interfaceLutron’s commercial lighting control platform gets better with Bodhi. Now you and your managers will be able to set up and adjust schedules, scenes, reporting and alerts, without the need for help from your Lutron contractor.
Bodhi and Lutron
A single, simple interfaceBodhi extends the power of lower-cost Lutron platforms to include centralized control and management, while at the same time providing a single, simple interface for the various Lutron systems and third-party devices you may use on your property.Together Lutron and Bodhi create the ultimate lighting, shading and climate control solution for any hotel, resort, or residential community.